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Magic wet wipes

Benefits of Wet Boutique Wipes

The Wet Boutique Wipes is a one off packaging design that is convenient for outdoor use and fit to be kept in purse and pocket. The wipes are convenient to clean and maintain the quality of leather.  With no added nonyl phenol, the wet wipes contain non-oily and non-sticky solution. Certified by the SGS, the Wet Boutique Wipes is safe to use as it does not contain any harmful chemical substance. The SGS serial number for the Wet Boutique Wipes is UG/2011/A0058.

•Remove food stains and liquor stains in one second.

•Remove creases on damped leather purse and leather shoes.

•Time-saving by being able to clean any leather products.

•If there is any spill on the leather sofa, wipe the contacted area with damp cloth towel followed by Wet Boutique Wipes.

•Remove white spots on household furniture, leather chair, headboard and wardrobe by wiping the Wet Boutique Wipes on contacted surfaces.

•Wipe household products that require regular cleaning and maintenance with Wet Boutique Wipes.

Magic Disposable Wet Boutique Wipes

Innovation convenient solution for wipe service on leather

Be Clean To Tender And Hydrating

This is a wet tissue for removing dust on leather, especially for name brand leather goods . 

For example, name brand handbag or shoes and clothing.

Of course, you can also wipe leather sofa in the house or the car.

◎No chemical residue.

◎Non- poisonous

◎Non hypo-allergenic

( Disposable wet tissue for leather  / 10 packets )

Suitable for products: Leather products, namely original leather, cow leather, PVC purse, clothes, shoes, accessories, car leather seats and furniture.
Product description:  Contain 10 pieces of wet tissue, easily remove dirt and ashes
Product ingredients: Premium non-woven sponge, pure water, anti-bacterial agents and leather activator
Product instructions: Tear off packaging, remove Wet Boutique Wipes, and gently wipe the desired area.



Reasons why Wet Boutique Wipes are not suitable for sheepskin and the muntjak skin
The pores of sheepskin leather are soft and supple. In the event that the Wet Boutique Wipes are applied on sheepskin leather, the absorbent sheepskin leather soaks up its moisture and solution.  Eventually, water spots appear on the sheepskin leather. Worse still, the water spots are non-volatile and irremovable by cleaning and coloring. The Wet Boutique Wipes are non-applicable to the back of leather simply because the glossy surface and uneven treads contain unreachable dirt and grime. It is advisable to understand the nature of the product before applying the Wet Boutique Wipes.
Any leather products are vulnerable to be infected with mold and mildew, especially under wet and stuffy condition. Warm and wet surfaces are ideal environment for microbiological growth.
Why vacuumed and cleaned leather are still vulnerable to microorganism growth? Few reminders to take note as follows:-
1.The purpose of cleaning the leather is to leave the stain off the surface and prevent dirt from clogging in the pores. Not to mention, excessive amount of dirt and stain deteriorate the original integrity and quality of the leather.
2.Microorganism lives and thrives at moderate temperature, typically between 20~30 °C. Confined wardrobe may be warm but too moist to prevent mildew from growing. As such, leather products are potentially expose to growth of mold and mildew even if they are kept in the wardrobe. Nevertheless, open and dry place ideally deter the growth of microorganism.
3.Microorganism is transmittable in nature. Mold and mildew will continue living and grow even if any leather products were once cleaned. Premised on the above introduction, we hope you are now equipped with knowledge on cleaning and maintaining leather products.