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Q5.Cleaning FAQ

What are the procedures once Trista received my bag?


Checking-->Record Information --> Picture Records--> Queue for service--> Cleaning/Color restoration/Repair process --> items observation --> Quality check --> Packing --> Collection


Any possibility of my bag being stolen/swap/misplaced during the process?


TRISTA takes great importance of the handling process. We will take down the detailed records, authencity number of each bag and match it with our company own serial number to prevent any unwanted incident to happen. Photo records will also be taken down. Customers are also encouraged to take down the serial number, labelling and other characteristic of the bag. So far, we have no such incident being reported. So please be ensured that all of the items are being handled properly


Will my bag be lost during courier service?


TRISTA agents will personally pick up and deliver the items to your preferred locations.


How does TRISTA quote for cleaning service?


Kindly refer to our website for pricing. Our pricing is based on the size and type of service required. Brand names, usage years of the bags and the severity of the dirt on the bag will not affect the quoted price. Should there be any special circumstances, we will inform the guest accordingly.


What if my items are damaged during service?


All of our staffs, technicians and specialist are professionally trained and certified in all the services that we offer. Our mission is to clean and restore the looks of the bag without damaging the original materials. All customers are required to understand and agree on “Customer Agreement” notice before confirmation of TRISTA service. Expected result of the service will be notified in advanced through our “Customer Agreement” and we will not compensate or refund should there be any dispute despite it is being informed through the customer agreement. Thank you for your understanding


Should I have further enquiries about the Customer Agreements, what should I do?


You may go through the cleaning show case or contact us directly for further information


Can I do partial color touch up?


We do not encourage partial color touch up as it will cause the bag to have difference in color in different parts. Having to say that, it is still possible to do it depending on the situation. Kindly send us the picture of your bag for full assessments.


Can I change to other colour for color restoration?


Yes you can but it is not advisable. Should there be any scratches to the newly colored items, the color difference will be obvious. However, we will still process should there be a strong request from the customer but TRISTA will not be responsible over it.