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Q1.Member content.
1. Member Content 
  Member Content is the place for our members to change their personal details such as Name, Address, Contact number and etc. You can also check your order status, enquiry and return status there. 
2. How to become a member.
  You might sign up as a member by clicking on "Sign up member" on the main page and fill in all the necessary particulars.
3. Forget password
  Find [forget password] in the main page of members content, key in your email address of TRISTA account, we will generate a new password to you by e-mail.
4. How to edit username, password, and personal detail.
  Log in to member content from the main page, click on [personal detail & password edit], click [submit] after detail has confirmed.
5. Subscribe or cancel e-news.
  Log in into your member content, click [edit members information], tick or cancel [I would like to know about TRISTA promotion].