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Hermes authentic bag Vs mirror quality bag
Hermes authentic bag Vs mirror quality bag

Worried that you have spent a lot of money but ends up with a fake Hermes bag?
Thought that you grab an online bargain for a branded bag and super happy with it? Turns out it is a mirror quality branded handbag and you have just maxed out your credit card for that bag :( Come, let’s experienced Trista’s specialist share you some tips and say bye bye to fake bags :)

The difference between leather’s condition and texture

The Fake bags’s leather will have unnatural wave like crumpled surface.

The authentic bag’s leather is soft, the lines/print is fine and outstanding. A dignified bag shape can be seen

Interior lining details

The lining of fake bag is thin and seems like it is only 1 layer of leather only

The interior lining of a real bag will have substantial layers of the leathers and will have puffiness. The stitches will be neat and reflect great workmanship

The differences in bag’s zippers

The fake bag’s zipper head leather lines/print will usually be different from the leather’s lines of the main bag.

The authentic bag’s zipper head leather will have the same texture and leather lines/print with the main bag

The bottom hardware of the fake bag will usually have sharp edges

The bottom hardware of the authentic bag are blunt and smooth

The difference in stitches

The fake bag stitches will be rough and the belt holes will usually not parallel with the bag edges

The authentic bag stitches will be handmade and it will reflect great workmanship and also almost perfect parallel belt holes with the bag edges

Hope that the above tips can help you differentiate the fake and authentic bags! Don’t forget to send your beloved bag for regular cleaning and maintenance and even color restoration to Trista, the specialist bag care.

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