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Our service
Do you ever find yourself in need to clean your designer bags but lazy to drive out? Contact us at for your free door to door service. We understand that lazy weekends are meant to be just that, a lazy weekend. So we are here to help minimize the inconveniences of owning a designer bag. Trista Handbag Cleaners are a professional bag maintenance service that is reasonable in price. Charges are based on the actual size of the bag, the material and condition of the bag. If the bag is exceptionally dirty or require maintenance, additional charges will apply. At Trista Handbag Cleaners ,we endeavour to make your bag as good as new. And for the convenience of our clients, we are providing door to door service within Malaysia. For out of state service, 
1)Call directly for a pick up service; or have your bag delivered to the company and leave your contact information.
2)Once we received the bag, we will contact the client to explain the cleaning procedure.
3)Once the client verifies pricing, we will fax or email a copyof the agreement for the client’s confirmation.
4)After the client returns the confirmation, then only we will begin the cleaning process.
5)After the bag is cleaned, we will notify client our account details for payment purpose.
6)Once we confirm that payment is made, we will have to bag delivered to the client.

Laundering designer bags
As the need for professional bag cleaning service increases, consumer’srequirement and expectation also becomes higher. You can rest assured that your bags are in good hands because as a professional bag maintenance service provider, we at Trista Handbag Cleaners takes our business seriously. We understand the material used to make your bag, thus am able to provide you with top notch service. Trista Handbag Cleaners requires 2 to 3 weeks to complete the whole cleaning process. We will follow sequence and numbered pieces, as a system to ensure your bag is returned to you in time. Sometimes, once a bag is cleaned, it needs to be static for a period of time to ensure that there’s no residue. At times, a bag needs to be cleaned several times for it to look like new. For clients who require express cleaning, clients can put their item as urgent request. Trista Handbag Cleaners will return the clean bag within 3-5 day.
Understanding your designer bags
Because of the bag’s materials and accessories, it’s not suitable to machine wash and maintenance requirements are somewhat cumbersome. Every leather bag will loose its shine over time. Leather will loose moisture, hardenand crack while bags made of fabric will discolour or deteriorate. It is important to understand your bag and check it for wear and tear prior to washing as materials was react differently to cleaning agents.
Trista Handbag Cleanershas been in the business of designer bag maintenance for decades. In order to cater to market trend and meet the demand of designer bag lovers, we first establish our maintenance centre in fashionable city of Taipei. Trista Handbag Cleaners line on service does not only cater to designer bag, our centre also provides maintenance service for designer shoes and accessories. Collection and delivery throughout Taipei is one of our services provided to our clients.

Bag Maintenance Guide
As a professional maintenance Centre,Trista Handbag Cleanerswould like to advise all bag owners not to expose your favorite bag to direct sunlight and avoid from getting your bags wet. Sometimes caution is the best maintenance your bag! If ever you accidentally wet your bags, gently wipe your bag with a cotton cloth or towel as soon as possible and blow-dry your bag with hairdryer without heat from distance. Any kind of bags need to be kept in a well ventilated and cool dry place. Avoid from exposing your bag to sudden heat, sunlight as the heat will cause the bag to fade, harden the leather or make it hard or brittle. The bag’s leather straps, chain straps, metal rivets, metal handle and all other accessories requires extra attention. At (Trista), our maintenance centre will provide the utmost care and attention to your bags.

Designer bags, cleaning
In recent years, major brands have entered the Malaysian market and the Malaysian public’s demand for designer bags has increase significantly. If cleaning or maintaining your designer bag is giving you sleepless nights, please visit us at Trista Handbag Cleaners. Our maintenance teams are professionals and are experts in providing your designer bag the care and attention that it requires.
Professional cleaning service for designer bags
Laundry Bag believes in protection of consumer’s rights. When we receive request for our services, we will notify clients the possible outcome after the maintenance, and if ever, we are unable to perform our service to expectation, we will inform the clients. Our main service is to clean and endeavor to return your designer bags to its pristine condition. However, our service is only to return your bags to its former shine, not provide you with a new bag. It has become our responsibility to ensure that our client’s interests are protected. Our service team, with their knowledge in designer bags, will pay extra attention to the designer trademark and logo, to ensure that the bags identification is not lost and the clients can rest easy.
Maintenance of designer bag
Trouble-free and professional maintenance solution you can trust
Any limited edition or commemorative designer bag will subject to wear and tear. If you ever find your favorite bag losing its shine or color, Trista Handbag Cleanerscan restore your limited edition or commemorative designer bag to its former glory.Our service teams have been in the trade for many years and have extensive knowledge of the materials that they are dealing with. Every maintenance job is completed by hand and professionally done. Smiles of surprise and joy we receive from the client when they see their bags give us acknowledgement to our service and further encourage us to perform better. This is also the reason why we are better than our competitors.

Bag repairs
As a professional service centre, Trista Handbag Cleaners not only provide surface maintenance, our service also includes servicing faulty zippers, patching inner pockets, fixing buckles, locks, strap length, bag corners etc. In addition to providing maintenance of branded bags, Trista Handbag Cleaners also provides services for non-branded bags. If you ever require our service, we will ensure that your bags are well taken care of and will be as good as new.