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Water proff spray
Price RM 108 (Market Price RM 128)
Water proof and dust proof for Natural leather material, imitation leather material, suede leather material, fabric material, shoes, handbag, umbrella and etc.

It able to avoid chili, oil, beverage or other water stains on your handbag shoes and etc. This product are using oil base ingredient as protection layer, able to deliver dust proof, water proof results. The ingredient of product is safe and easy for customers to do own service, and it able to delivery long term protection result.

Dust and water proof result show case;

Step of application:


1. Apply at open air condition, do not close to fire.
2. Please to try a small part before fully apply on item, to avoid material colour changes problem.
3. 3. Do not store this product under exposure, fire, or high temperature. And keep away from children.

Ingredient:LPG, solvent, Resin
Expired: 5 years