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Q8.Relieved guarantee.
1. In case of natural disasters, human caused, or any unexpected accident, what should I do?
  TRISTA adhering careful and take care of every customers items, cause we understand, there must be a story behind the item. It maybe is a gift from your love once, or your parent. Some is buying by herself as a reward for working harder time to time. Therefore, TRISTA provided compensation of customer handbag that is consignment for service in TRISTA. The compensation regulation as below;

Compensation price = new price * commissioned matter year %

Commissioned matter year percentage(%)

  Within 1 year   50% 

  1-2 years          40%

  2-3 years          30%

  3-4 years          20%

  4-5 years          15%

  5 years above  10%

*the higher compensation are not more than RM2.500.00(per pcs)。

*after compensation, the item are belong to TRISTA, customer must provide identification and proof of purchase to show that the product is genuine. If unable to proof, TRISTA may use current market price as reference.