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Q3.Collect & Delivery, Retention period
1. Do I courier together with my dust bag and authentication card?
  Remind that, please check the handbag inside pocket clearly before pack, don’t left any card, accessories, money, hairclip or dust bag and etc, TRISTA may not take responsibly, don’t send together with your handbag for service.
2. How do I pack my item for service?
  We recommended that, you may pack into box, is may save during the courier service process. The most important is to make sure the box has seal properly.
3. Can I delivery to my guardhouse or lobby?
  We not advice that, the parcel are delivered to 3th parties, this is to make sure the item are safe delivery to customer directly.
4. Can I request convenient store to collect on behalf?
  At this moment, we do not delivery to any convenient store to collect on behalf. This is because on safely problem and this service are not available in Malaysia.

5. How if I’m not around during the courier service deliver period?
  The standard procedure of courier service, if they can’t reach you at the 1st time delivery time, they will bring back the parcel, and arrange for delivery to you next day, normally it may contact by the courier service driver, please do take note on your mobile phone time to time. 
6. In what situation that, I may request TRISTA staff to collect item?
  Yes, if your items are more than 10 pcs, it included (handbag, jacket, etc).and it must located in kualalumpur, Selangor area.
7. Customer wish to walk in send it item, but deliver to back to customer by courier service once completed.
  TRISTA always welcome customer to walk in our retail shop during our operation hours.
8. Own delivery are entitle to deduct the courier service fees in my service charge?
  We are sorry that, courier service are additional service provide by TRISTA, it was unable to deduct any fees from cleaning or other services in trista handbag cleaners.
9. Item was done service, but it may no time to collect?
  TRISTA may keep your item safe for 3 months period,the time period are base on invoice date,we will delivery personally to customer for the 1st time, 2nd time may delivery by courier service, if still unable to reach customers, we contact again, if we unable to reach customer by email, phone call, sms, we will take it as SPECIAL CASE.
10. “ keeping period” & “ responsibility period” are ?
  Normally those item send to trista for service, we will contact the customer once the item was ready for collect or need delivery service, during this period are keeping period for us to make sure the bag safety, “responsibility period” are for those customer that has send in item for service, but not yet collect or unable to delivery  during the 3 month period, we may not responsibly after 3 months period.