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Q2.Order FAQ
1. Order process description
   Select items > size > service category > price > understanding notice > order completed.
  1-1. Select service category that you want, such as handbag.
  1-2. Fill up particular information, such as: item Brand, item colour , item material, size, service category, confirmed total amount .
  1-3. after double checks all information, add into SHOPPING cart.
  1-4. Fill in particular in main page, successful order, order may automatically send by system. And it may email to your email address in TRISTA.
2. How much of total amount are entitle for FREE SHIPPING?
  Cleaning, colour restoration, repair service which is above RM100 is entitled. Cleaning or waterproof Product more than RM90 are entitle for FREE SHIPPING entire Malaysia. If you done few order in the same day, but total amount are not over RM100, it still not entitle for FREE SHIPPING.
3. When the item is ready for collect once order has been completed?
  Once item received by TRISTA, usually may take 14-21 working days to process. We will inform customer before the item send back. Please to take note on SMS inform. We will line up item by following the invoice running number for processing. With this matter, only we able to complete the process during that period and return to your customer. Some special problem we may take more time to do cleaning process. Because we need to monitor the bag condition, and repeated clean for few time only can be clean nicely. Thank you for your patient of waiting. (PS, if the items volume are to higher that may affect the delivery period , we may announce in our official website)
4. For urgent case, you may contact us directly.
  For urgent case you may call to 03-6148275 / 016-6688532, normal procedure may take 2-3 weeks, urgent case may complete done in ONE week time. For urgent item may need to pay additional RM80 for cleaning & Repair, RM100 for colour restoration.
5. Can I send for service without joining as member?
  Yes,if you don’t want to become member, you may click [Order Now] , fill up information and your detail to complete the order process. 
6. Some of my parent or friends that don’t know using online system, how to send for cleaning?
  Customer can directly call us (03-6148275), our customer service are able to handle the order processing.
7. Order has been submitted, but not yet received call for collect appointment?
  If after few day, there is not courier service contact for collect appointment, please do give us a call, we will do our best to solve the problem, sorry for any inconvenience caused.
8. Why do I need payment before the item completes the cleaning process?
  In order to make the company's internal processes more smoothly, you may use online credit card payment, or bank transfer to complete to payment, or you may choose for cash on delivery, to remind that, CASH ON DELIVERY are collect by courier service, it may have additional administrative charges are pay by customer.