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About Us
About us
In recent years, major brands have entered the Malaysian market and with the marketing and information on boutique brands, the Malaysian public’s demand for designer has increase significantly. Maintaining any bags of significant value, because of the price, limited edition items or of commemorative value, is giving you sleepless nights, we at Trista Handbag Cleaners will help ease your troubles. Unlike dry cleaning shops which are messy and old, Trista Handbag Cleaners clean, white and purple décor is comfortable and inviting. With our service team’s professionalism and services provided, many clients have provided us positive feedback on our website. With our humble beginning as a dry cleaning factory, our company has accumulated decades of experience before venturing into maintenance industry. In order to provide exclusive service to branded goods market, our company has established 「Trista Professional Maintenance Centre」. Our company not only provides maintenance service for designer bags, our portfolio included accessories, shoes etc to help your designer goods return to its pristine. Our service includes door to door pick up and deliver so that the client can engage our services without stepping out of their door. 
As the clients’ demands for professional maintenance centre increases, there are many who provide similar services andclients have many choices of service centre to choose from. However, due to lack of information from the centre or poor communication between the client and the centre, the outcome of the maintenance service often becomes a source dispute and argument.Due to the material, accessories and design, designer bags are not suitable for machine wash and maintenance procedure requires more attention. Pre-requisite of excellent service should be good communication between the client and service provider andthe maintenance centre chosen is fully equipped with experience and detailed service team. In order to protect the clients’ interest, Trista Handbag Cleaners will inform the outcome of the service and notify the client if we encounter any issue and difficulties. As our service team are experienced and knowledgeable their trade, they will pay extra attention to the details of the item and signature to ensure that the clients do not lose the items’ identification. 
Trista Handbag Cleaners does not recommend using water or oil to clean or maintain your designer bags. As most designer bags are expensive, uses complex combination of materials and stitches, its not advisable to use any type of materials to clean it. As long as the owner has a habit of taking care of the bags, all other stains and maintenance should be handled by professional maintenance centres.